Las Vegas Massage Therapist

Are you looking for a Las Vegas massage therapists to provide you with a healing touch? If yes, Massage Bliss will be the right selection for you.

 We come to you and bring everything; we literally bring the spa to you. We have massage professionals specialized in all types of massage, including Swedish, deep tissue, 4 hand synchronized and sports. Our licensed and professional Las Vegas massage therapists are open to work as mobile massage therapists. They arrive at your place to give comfort and relaxation through different types of massage therapies according to your preference.

Why choose Massage Bliss for your Las Vegas massage therapist?

Wouldn’t it be nice and pleasurable to have a deeply relaxing massage in the comfort of your dream home or in a familiar atmosphere, lying beside your partner? Your dream of getting blissful massage therapy in a space (where you feel free and comfortable) becomes a reality when you can share  the experience with your partner. 

Las Vegas massage therapists working at Massage Bliss offer the following services:

Sports Massage

This is one of the highly popular and most recommended techniques applied to the athletic people to stretch and elongate the muscles. A full session is enough to bring motion and flexibility to your stiff and injured muscles. 

Deep Tissue Massage

This is another authentic technique for releasing knots and stress in muscles. Here, deeper pressure is applied to stiff and fatigued muscles in order to relieve sore backs muscles, back pains, knots, and stress.

Hot Stone massage

Here, warm river stones are used. These are glided gradually across the body to provide a deeply relaxing and grounding effect. This technique is highly effective for relieving anxiety, mental and physical stress, depression, and tension.

4 hand Synchronized Massage

As the name suggests, two Las Vegas massage therapists massage your entire body deeply and gently in a synchronized fluid manner. This can give you an ultimate pampering experience. 

Swedish Massage

Medium to light touch massage technique is applied to soothe your sore muscles and give ultimate relaxation to your body.

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